General Election

I am not going to start telling you who to vote for...just vote!

A Plea.....

Posted by Mark Wild on May 02, 2017

When I started this campaign, I promised myself that I would not use it to promote any political party, or to further my own political views, and I intend to keep that promise.

Many of you who know me, know my political views, and to whom I align myself with politically....some of you agree with me, some of you don't. I struggle with that sometimes but that's life.

The intention of this particular post is to ask you to carefully consider who you will vote for in the coming General Election...please read on.

I would ask you to research what each party is offering, and carefully reflect on what matters to you, to your children and to the wider community you live in. Do not be swayed by what the media tell you, do not be influenced by what you are expected to think, you are clever & compassionate people who have subscribed to this blog because you know me and my children, or you have a vested interest in children with Special Educational Needs.

The fact you subscribe to this blog means you care about children who cannot fight their own battles and NEED your help, and the best way to help them is to sit down, and research what you may be voting on. Get past the mud-slinging, get past the 'nasty party', 'loony lefties', 'bleeding heart liberals' etc. etc. Leave that sort of thing to the playground and rise above it.

The last few years has seen drastic cuts to nearly every part of the education sector, and the teachers who I am in contact with say it is at crisis point. The SEN budgets are being slashed and staff numbers are shrinking...all of this has a direct impact on the children you care so much about, but the media cannot be relied upon to reflect the true picture.

I work in the fire service and what is actually happening is not what is reported in the media and by the powers that be, so I know first hand how things can be 'hidden' from the public who pay for it.

If we are to have a society that cares for us all, and truly has our interests at heart then we HAVE TO take a little bit of responsibility and get past the rhetoric, lies and spin to find the truth. Find out what really matters to us and what is really making our lives worse.

Is it really the immigrants and asylum seekers that are making YOUR life worse? Is it really people on benefits that are causing YOU problems? Or is it the TV and papers that tell you so?

It is time to stop for a minute, put aside our preconceptions and use our intelligence to figure out what is really important for us, for the children like Ryan who are just starting out in life and have decades in front of them. The decisions we take today affect kids like him for the rest of his life.

If you are young, do not pass up your right to vote...I cannot tell you how important it is and how it will affect you...get involved, do not let your opportunities pass you by.

If you are older, you will have probably already decided who you will vote for, but ask yourself, what you will gain and what you will lose when considering any political party...answer honestly...look at the policies put forward and be honest, you will shape your children's future.

To all:


This has been a party political broadcast for...nobody.