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Posted by Mark Wild on May 01, 2017

Hello all,

I have not posted for a while due to the Easter holidays and being busy with work at home, so apologies for that (I imagine you have been waiting with baited breath for the next words of wisdom!?)

I thought I would let you know that Nick Clegg has responded to me, and included a letter which he received from Justine Greening.

The letter he has received is very frustrating, and outlines what options are available for children who are moving into the workplace, such as help with training for the individual and the employer. It also outlines the help children can get whilst taking their GCSEs, such as a scribe, a reader, and extra time to do exams.

I have responded to Nick Clegg stating that Ms. Greening has totally missed the point and would appreciate it if he could respond by telling her that the point of my campaign is to encourage Head teachers to offer the alternatives that they, and everyone else, say are out there, and for OFSTED to recognise these alternatives when grading schools after inspection.

It is becoming increasingly frustrating to have to explain the true purpose of my campaign to people in positions of power, and I can only assume they are paying lip service to me in order for me to go away...but I am not going away, with your help this can be a campaign that can make a difference.

I also asked NIck Clegg for a quote for this blog and he obliged:

“I applaud Mark for attempting to raise awareness of an issue that has clearly affected his child and no doubt many others. Although he is at the early stages of his campaign, I have enjoyed meeting with him and learning more about the needs of children with disabilities and how we can assist them better in the future.”