Meeting with Cllr. Jackie Drayton

Posted by Mark Wild on Apr 06, 2017

Just a quick note on how the meeting went with Cllr Drayton.

Cllr Drayton invited another lady along to today's meeting from CYPD (Emma Beale). Both Jackie and Emma were very responsive and positive about what I had to say and I genuinely got the feeling that they were concerned with my campaign and other issues that arose from our conversation.

We spoke predominantly about the GCSE alternatives that SHOULD be on offer and that are out there (offered or not). There were surprised looks on the faces of Jackie and Emma when I revealed some of the alleged actions of some teachers and head teachers when parents and pupils were being railroaded down the GCSE route.

There were acknowledgements, and agreements that the current system is not ideal and that things ought to change, but not all points were agreed and maybe a wider appreciation of the way things work is needed from myself and other parents, but also an appreciation of parent's views MUST be the way forward and not dismissed.

We spoke of the need for parent's to be heard properly and acted upon in future, by way of groups and proper consultations, not the 'knee-jerk' consultation when schools are found to be changing things 'on the quiet'.

We also spoke of Integrated Resources and hubs, and the future of those within Sheffield. In my view, I think the IRs are being slowly, and quietly depleted until they are no longer viable or effective thus resulting in them disappearing...another reason why we need a parent's group!!!! The hubs that have appeared are not ideal in my eyes, the one example I know of is the hub at Westfield School and is provided by Bents Green....Why not simply have an IR at Westfield?...properly funded and advised and assisted by Bents Green or King Ecgberts School IR?

I am hopeful that something good will come from today's, (and future), meeting, but time will tell.

We/I need more parents to start shouting in the right places (MPs and Councillors) to wake them up and get some action.

Please read my previous post (What you can do) about contacting them, I will put some links on here soon to make it easier for you to find out who you have as Councillors and MPs and how to contact them.

I am hoping to meet with Cllr Drayton again in the near future for an update. I will repost then.