This is what I do.
Hello, my name is Mark Wild and welcome to my blog.

This Blog is aimed at you if you are a parent or guardian of a child with learning difficulties and/or special educational needs and you are frustrated, angry and upset at the current system that is on offer.

This blog is for you if you feel like your child is being railroaded down a path that is not at all suitable for their individual needs, needs that have been recognised by yourself, your child’s teachers and health professionals but are now being conveniently side-stepped in order to gain low GCSE results that benefit the school and not the child.

The blog is also aimed at education professionals, Councillors, MPs, employers, and any other stakeholder that is involved in the progression of children transitioning into adulthood and beyond and want the best possible start for them. The current GCSE system does not suit everybody, fails many children and can cause actual harm. My campaign is to demand that Government, Local Government and schools acknowledge that and to recognise that something else needs to be offered to every child if their disabilities, and indeed abilities, requires it.

My campaign also requires that any alternative system that may be offered is recognised by all stakeholders that may come into contact with the young adult that eventually leaves school. More importantly, I want OFSTED to count these alternative qualifications alongside GCSE results when they rate schools by way of exams results/scores.

Our children are untapped resources that are falling by the wayside and left in desperate despair due to low self-esteem and a constant feeling of pressure and failure.

PLEASE read my blog, subscribe and contribute because I want to hear from you if you have something to say about this issue. I want to hear about your experiences of how your child has been failed by the system OR if your child has flourished in an alternative system.

Your posts can be anonymous if you like, but I would ask you to be polite and respectful with anything you write.